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Welcome to her unexpected journey blog.

Ninety-five per cent of her friends and colleagues call her Mei. Some people say she looks like a Japanese. Yap, she is half-Indonesian and half-Japanese. 

She is cheerful, easy-going, talkative, loveable, familiar, and friendly.

She got her degree in Computer Science and her Master's in Tourism. Because of this, she enjoys life as an IT Inside Traveler Outside. So, that's why she loves to travel and staycation. Besides, she loves hiking or trekking so much. She has toured since elementary school.

As a solo traveller, she always enjoyed her getting lost. She is now active as a volunteer in voluntourism, environment, and education.

Also, she loves writing about her travelling journeys. Now, she enjoys being a travel blogger because she loves writing and exploring her writing hobby as a content writer.

If you have any questions about travelling or are interested in a partnership, contact her at meidaema17@gmail.com

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